Titus And Strident Wet Nurse — by Guided By Voices

GBV’s contribution to the compilation — Colonel Jeffery Pumpernickel — 2001

This was the first GBV song I really listened too. I had heard some things before it , but didn’t really pay them much attention. Though I liked this song, I didn’t actually become a fan of GBV until much later.

Here’s an old Batman thing from back and 2008. 

Here’s an old Batman thing from back and 2008. 

Bunco Men — by Guided By Voices

From — Suitcase - Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft — 2000

Suitcase is a 4 disk, 100 song box set of unreleased songs and, incredibly, a lot of the songs are really good! This song is one of them. 

Interest Position — by Guided By Vouces

From the EP — Hold On Hope — 2000


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Amnia Cycle Rerun 
http://amniacycle.tumblr.com amniacycle:

Pages 14 & 15

Amnia Cycle Rerun 

Slick As Snails — by Robert Pollard with Doug Gillard

From their side project album — Speak Kindly Of Your Volenteer Fire Department — 1999

Listen to this song! At first it seems pretty straight forward but as it goes on the lyrical melodies start moving around and song takes on a surprising complexity. It’s really beautiful. This whole album is super good.

Teenage FBI — by Guided By Voices

From their eleventh album — Do The Collapse — 1999

This album was produced by Ric Ocasek (of The Cars). GBV are generally known for their lo-fi sound and there are a lot of fans who don’t care for this overly produced album… Weeeeellll they are WRONG! Production doesn’t matter, it’s about the songs. And there are great songs here.

Trashed Canned Dogs — by Nightwalker

From the album — Professional Music By Nightwalker —1999

Robert Pollard has created a universe. You are free to come in. It’s expansive and there is probably a world here that you will like. But there are some places in Uncle Bob’s universe that aren’t meant for the casual tourist. Worlds of weird. This album is one of those worlds.

Time Machines — by Lexo And The Leapers

From the EP — Ask Them — 1999

The first and only release from this Robert Pollard side project.

Submarine Teams — by Robert Pollard

From his third solo album — Kid Marine — 1999

Cool track!