Here Is The News — by Electric Light Orchestra

From the album — Time — 1981

ELO’s Time has been in heavy rotation while I work on my Spidey comic… It’s super great.

Here’s a panel from my Edge Of Spider-Verse issue.
That’s Dr. Aaron Aikman (The Spider-Man) and Dr. Kaori Ikegami.

Here’s a panel from my Edge Of Spider-Verse issue.

That’s Dr. Aaron Aikman (The Spider-Man) and Dr. Kaori Ikegami.


Kenichi Sonada’s Gun Smith Cats.

I like how well the 2nd to last panel of the hand works with the last panel. 

There is a lot that I DON’T like about Gun Smith Cats, but it’s fantastic scenes like this that make it hard to be dismissed.


stagedivecity asked:

Hey Dustin, I've been a big fan of your Bob Pollard series. I've only listened to the GBV records and was wondering if you could recommend just a few of his non GBV records for me to start with?


Yeah, yeah!

I honestly think you could start with Bob’s first solo album, Not In My Airforce, and just work through the solo albums chronologically. They are all good.

Some specific targets— I’d still say that Not In My Airforce is a great start. After that maybe From A Compound Eye. I also really like the Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard album Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department. At the moment my favorite Circus Devils album is Ataxia.  You should Check that out. Boston Spaceships is a great band. Try their albums Zero to 99 and Let it Beard.

If you’ve checked out all, or a lot, of GBV, you are probably familiar with this common Pollard phenomenon where on the first listen the album doesn’t really seem that impressive. Then after a few listens and some time you come back to that album and it hits you— “how could I have ever been so blase about this? These songs are all stone cold classics!” 

I honestly have had a moment with every Pollard album where I suddenly realize that it’s brilliant… 

Being a fan of Bob is a good thing to be. He consistently delivers the goods.

And thanks for liking all my Pollard posts! I’ve been worried that I’m annoying my followers by being an obsessive fan. It’s good to get a positive reaction. 

I’m all done! 

I have posted one Robert Pollard song off of each of Robert Pollard’s albums in chronological order. (more or less)
I knew there were a lot of albums. I listen to them, but I had never bothered to count them all. Turns out, posting one song off each album was a much bigger undertaking than I had thought. 
I’ve posted 88 songs! 
That’s 88 songs off 88 different albums. It’s madness.

Anyway, check out the link for all 88 songs.                

Bad Love Is Easy To Do — by Guided By Voices

From their twenty-second album! — Cool Planet — 2014

Right now, this is the most recent Guided By Voices album. And the most recent Robert Pollard album.

Alex And The Omegas — by Guided By Voices

From their twentieth album — Motivational Jumpsuit — 2014

Tonights The Rodeo — by Robert Pollard

From his twenty-first solo album — Blazing Gentlemen —2013

That’s right, 21 solo albums! As of right now, this is the most recent Robert Pollard solo album.

We’re Going Inside The Head (of a Winner) — by Circus Devils

From their eleventh album — When Machines Attack — 2013

What isn’t good about this? Nothing.

BIRD ZONE — by Circus Devils

From their tenth album — My Mind Has Seen The White Trick — 2013